At Toowong Mitsubishi Brisbane we offer a full range of finance and insurance packages which go beyond vehicle finance, including leasing, insurance and business loans.

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Toowong Mitsubishi Brisbane finance can offer financial leases for business professionals to use equipment such as vehicles, trucks, earthmoving, industrial plant and professional equipment.

In partnership with a number of major finance institutions we purchases the equipment or vehicle you require and then leases the goods to you. You then enjoy the use of the vehicle or equipment for an agreed time in return for a series of rental repayments.

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Mitsubishi Motors Business Advantage

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Vehicle plan


Whether you’re a tradie running from site to site, or a road warrior clocking up Ks for work, Mitsubishi Motors Business Advantage is a small business fleet solution that gives you a better way to manage your vehicles.

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One monthly invoice


It’s like having a subscription to a streaming service. You get a brand-new vehicle while only paying one monthly invoice that covers rego, service, maintenance and more, keeping you free to take care of business.

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Fleet pricing


It’s risk free, cash flow friendly, and a big paperwork reducer. Better still, it attracts National Fleet pricing regardless of the size of your ABN registered business.

National fleet pricing

Have your small business treated like a big business with national fleet prices built into every lease. That makes a big difference to the overall operating cost of a vehicle, and your business’s bottom line.


Reward your business. Reward yourself.

  • National fleet pricing
  • Free up your cash
  • Flexible lease term
  • No upfront deposit
  • Incorporate operating costs

Free up your cash

Buying a new vehicle can set your business back with a big cash hit. So don’t do it. Spread the cost over time with single monthly payments and use the upfront money you saved for other things.

Flexible lease term with no up-front deposit

Flexibility is king with a Mitsubishi Motors Small Business Vehicle Plan. You can set the length of the contract to suit your needs (from 12 months to 60 months), choose any new Mitsubishi with your choice of genuine accessories, and at the end of your contract, you decide whether to replace your vehicle or extend the contract.

It’s good to know your business doesn’t have to fork out a cent up front for your vehicle fleet management. You simply start the contract after which you pay one monthly invoice that takes care of everything – rego, service, maintenance, roadside assist, accident management and even a relief vehicle all included.

Mitsubishi Motors Business Advantage Quick Guide

  1. Pick your new Mitsubishi
  2. Accessorise
  3. Trade in your old vehicle
  4. Choose optional services
  5. A little paperwork
  6. Drive away
  7. One monthly invoice
  8. Return and restart

ABN registered and interested in a Business Advantage Operating Lease?

Ask one of our experts a question or call 1300 020 272 between 8:30am and 5:00pm AEST Monday to Friday.

Documents for existing customers
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Our finance lease gives you instant access to the equipment your company needs without a capital outlay so you can put your day-to-day cash flow to better use.

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Within an approved range allowing more flexibility in budgeting.

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A chattel mortgage can provide tax benefits if the financed equipment is used to produce assessable income. Talk to your accountant for further information about tax benefits.

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Rates are fixed so you’ll know exactly what your repayments are.

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Combine your finance to the length of time the asset is required – from one to five years.

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Repayments can be tailored to suit your businesses cash flow. You can also arrange to make a balloon payment at the end of the loan to reduce repayments throughout the term.