At Toowong Mitsubishi Brisbane we offer a full range of finance and insurance packages which go beyond vehicle finance, including leasing, insurance and business loans.

Individual Loans
Business Loans
Finance Insurance Package

Toowong Mitsubishi Brisbane can also offer a number of leasing products for individuals and businesses.

For individuals we recommend a novated lease. This kind of lease is ideal for employees who have an work car included in their salary.

A straight forward leasing product which see’s the employer pay rental payments to the financer who in turn provides the vehicle to the employee.

Finance Calculator

*this is for illustrative only and does not constitute a finance quote

Novated lease

A novated lease is a popular way of funding a new personal vehicle. A novation is a three-way agreement between you, your employer and the financier – often a salary-packaging company. The lease payments and operating costs are paid by your employer and deducted from your salary, which may have tax benefits.

Ask your employer if they offer novated leases.

How to do the car finance dance

Not everyone has the means or time to save up and buy a vehicle with cash. You’ll enjoy your new Mitsubishi for years to come: with interest rates at historical lows, a loan that spreads the purchase price out over time could work for you. It’s easy and quick once you know the steps.

Calculate your finance repayments

Take our online calculator for a ride to get a quick idea of what the repayments will be on your brand new Mitsubishi of choice.

Personal fixed rate finance

Our personal fixed rate car loan is the ideal choice when your vehicle is mostly driven for personal or domestic use. The vehicle itself secures the loan, which is available over terms between 12 months and 7 years.

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Use of a vehicle without having to budget for repayments.
Choice about what car you buy and where you buy it from.

Retain the car if you change employment.

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If the employee leaves, the company is not left with an unwanted car.
The employer can provide the employee with a car without having to reflect it on its balance sheet.

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Rates are fixed so you’ll know exactly what your repayments are.