Mitsubishi Motors and Nissan advertise major organisationappointments for new connection endeavour mini motor vehicleproject

YOKOHAMA/TOKYO – Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation today advertised two managerorganisation appointments for the connection endeavour that will supervise the wares arranging and mechanicalapparatus of mini motor vehicles for the Japanese in the household market. The establishment of the connectionendeavour was part of the accord noted in December 2010 to extend the scope of support between the two companies.

Junichi Endo, presently Senior Vice President of Nissan, will be selected as CEO (Chief Executive Officer), while Shinichi Kurihara, presently Senior Executive Officer of Mitsubishi Motors, will be selected as COO (Chief Operating Officer).

Further particulars on the connection endeavour will be divulged at a afterwards date.