Tokyo– Mitsubishi Motors Corporation today commenced taking briefings at MMC’s dealerships right through Japan for the Minicab-MiEV economic mini EV that is arranged to depart on sale headed for the end of the year.

Derived from the Minicab Van economic mini vehicle, Minicab-MiEV is being deduced to make largest use of the technologies and knowhow advanced from the development of i-MiEV in bringing ahead the useful utility and propellingrecital called for of a economic vehicle. Reliability, durability and cost recital are in addition main concern areas. The vehicle commenced a fleet investigating program with Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. in October 2010 created to verify itsuseful utility.

Minicab-MiEV is arranged to be proposed with a option of two storage battery sizes*1 to get concurrently divergent buyerneeds.

With government enticements, tryout derived ideals suggest that Minicab-MiEV will draw close with a customer’s meshcharge from throughout 1,700,000 yen and from throughout 2,050,000 yen for the 10.5 kWh and the 16.0 kWh storage battery versions respectively. The derived ideals are premised on Japanese government’s eco-car enticement programcarrying on in the 2011 fiscal year and unchanged in particulars from fiscal 2010. As with the i-MiEV, Minicab-MiEV will be marketed on both a support lease*2 and a currency basis.

*1: 10.5 kWh (giving a assortment of throughout 100 kilometres/charge under JC08 mode conditions) and 16.0 kWh (range of throughout 150 kilometres).

*2: A lease in which the monthly payments embrace some of the duties, indemnity and support costs

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