In January 2012 we purchased a Mitsubishi ASX from Toowong Mitsubishi.  We didn’t buy the 4X4, as while we will go scrub bashing we don’t usually need the extra capabilities of the 4X4 and we didn’t see the point of having the bigger vehicle in town.

In May 2012 we drove to Melbourne by way of Toowoomba, Dalby, St George, Cunnamulla, Bourke, Goolgowi and Castlemaine.  Coming home we went through Chadstone, Foster, Sale, Bairnsdale, Lakes Entrance, Eden, Sydney (at peak hour), Port Stephens (mmm the seafood), Taree, Ballina and the Gold Coast.  In all we drove 4,774.6 kms in 3 weeks, 8 days of which the car was parked in a car park in the middle of Melbourne.

Somewhere outside of Cunnamulla

Because we didn’t have the restrictions of flying we didn’t pack lightly, besides ourselves, we had 2 suitcases, 4 good size plastic boxes, a full size esky, a foldup table and 2 foldup chairs, camera, binoculars, maps, snacks and with heading south – coats.

In town we found the ASX to be responsive, nimble, oh so easy to park in tight spaces (urbanised the SUV), easy to see out of in traffic and easy on fuel.

On the open road the ASX quite happily sat at 110kms/hour, fuel consumption dropped to 7.0lt/100kms and braking at that speed was not an issue.

The semi’s out west are road trains, 2 or 3 full size trailers, and the ASX had no difficulty in accelerating from 110kms/hour to overtake.  One of the beauties of the ASX was looking down on the wheels of the road trains instead of up at the undercarriage.

We have called her Tardis, appears small on the outside, has ample room inside and takes us wherever we wish to go.

Mt Oxley, Bourke – taken after driving over washed out dirt roads and washed out wheel tracks through someone’s paddock

Are we happy with the ASX?

You bet we are and we are planning our next trip.

Adelaide via Cairns sounds good.

Ken and Leone Oakhill

Sunset from our asx