After celebrating 30 years in Australia in 2011, Mitsubishi Motors Australia Limited (MMAL) ended the year with total annual sales of 61,108, a strong result giving MMAL a healthy 6.1 per cent total market share.

MMAL achieved its highest total SUV figures as a full importer, reaching 23,287 units across Outlander, Challenger, Pajero and ASX. This notable result is a considerable 16 per cent increase on 2010’s figure, highlighting MMAL’s strength in the SUV segment.

It proved to be the best ever annual result for Challenger with sales of 2,406, a 9.6 per cent increase over 2010, in a SUV Medium segment that declined by four per cent.

Triton continued to be a standout performer for Mitsubishi with the two-wheel drive model recording sales of 479 in December taking the year’s total to 5,893 units. The four-wheel drive Triton retained its popularity, registering annual sales of 11,297 an impressive 10.4 per cent increase over 2010 figures, in the competitive 4×4 segment.

MMAL president and CEO, Genichiro Nishina, said despite a difficult year in the automotive market, MMAL ended the year on a positive note.

“2011 proved to be a challenging year especially with the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in March, followed by the monsoonal floods in Thailand in November and December. Despite this, MMAL’s commitment to delivering highly-equipped, value-packed vehicles to the Australian market never wavered resulting in strong sales for the year,” Nishina said.

“Mitsubishi Motors is committed to sustainable growth and we are looking forward to introducing exciting new products to the market in 2012 and beyond.”

Other highlights for MMAL in 2011 included the public launch of the i-MiEV electric vehicle, and a complete update to the Triton, Challenger, Lancer, Pajero and ASXproduct ranges.

In addition, Mitsubishi Motors’ global future was previewed with the unveiling of the all-new Mirage and the PX-MiEV II concept at the Tokyo Motor Show.